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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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.....Practicing aikido develops aikido.

In gassho

Actually I couldn't possibly disagree with you more.
Come to think of it. Every...single...person... That has ever felt me from aikido wanted to learn how to do aikido-this way. Meaning?
With aiki.
Were we to meet, or you to meet several others I can name, you would too.
The truth of what I am saying is both self-evident and inescapable. Not only does training in aikido not develop real aiki-in any focused method, much of the results of the training models I have seen have presented to the world men with skills that are developed in the wrong direction. Thus their bodies have demontrated clearly that their teachers could not possibly help someone do aiki.
Our argument is not negative or demeaning. It is hopeful and rewarding. You now have Ikeda, Ledyard and now another accomplished 6th dan now realizing it as well. When we add to that go-dans, yon dans and san dans with Dojos who are adopting this type of training as well, we can map out a fairly optimistic case that this will become the evolution of aikido. I'd like to think it will include more live training as well, but we'll see.

I recognize that idea presents as stark and blatent. However, the argument we are putting forth is demonstrable. Further, it has and is being repeatedly tested, and here's the good part- it's teachable in a shorter time frame. Therefore its going to prove to be self-correcting of the bad habits inculcated -from within- aikido.
In any event the men training this way are going to bring aiki back into aikido.

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