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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

Mark Uttech wrote: View Post
Onegaishimasu. Aikido does not 'need' to develop inner power. anymore than a baby needs to develop its legs before it even attempts to start walking. Practicing aikido develops aikido.

In gassho

I'm not with you on this.

I'm guessing that you are making a point about "trying" to do...
Assuming that it is common knowledge that a baby does develop its legs before it walks. (That's why a newborn cannot bear weight on it feet yet.)

Aikido doesn't need to develop anything... But the entire point of the thread is the evolution of aikido.

To suggest that aikido has inner power is not wrong per se. But, to suggest that people in aikido do not have to TRY to develop internal power is so obviously wrong. Simply consider how many in aikido have power like the founder? It could be EVERYBODY, but they will each have to TRY to do it.