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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

The methodology of live training has become more apparent with the newer, more diverse Aikidoka. We are seeing an increase in those practitioners who have a strong desire to incorporate this method. We also, are see a strong desire to incorporate, what I like to call, Aikido techniques on the ground (on your your back). This evolutionary process is being incorporated for those who have the desire.

Roy Dean has exemplified an excellent example of this in his most recent video entitled, “The Art of the Wrist Lock.” What's interesting about the video is the methods used in sections, 0:35-0:37 and 1:05 of the video. If you pause these sections and analysis closely, the principles of Ikkyo are used. The smooth transition that so many Aikidoka enjoy is executed from a standing position to the ground.

When incorporating these methods, “Aikido on the ground” with live training, we see a natural progression of evolution in the making. There are some many ways to incorporate Ikkyo, Sankyo, Nikyo and other Aikido techniques on the ground. Non traditionalist Aikidoka will greatly enjoy these methods, while the traditionalist Aikidoka will ostracize the mere mention of live training or being on the ground. The non traditionalist Aikidoka will have to continue to advocate these principles and propagate open mindedness.