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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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I aikido contains only 12 techniques. By name: Irimi-nage, kote-gaeshi, kaiten-nage, shiho-nage, ude-kime-nage, tenchi-nage, koshi-nage, juji-nage, ikkyo, nikyo, sankyo and yonkyo. On purpose I do not count a group of techniques called kokyu-nage which I accept for fun, relax and to practice my ukemi.
Would you mind to tell us why usual techniques like gokyo and rokyo or the otoshi (aiki and sumi) are not included in your list?

It was Founder's intention not to include any offensive techniques in his art. He never considered aikido to be a fighting art, but only a unique self-defense art. In aikido there is no preparation, no advance, no time for thinking but a trained reflex followed by a technique. The most importantly that action must end any confrontation. There are only two options; to intimidate the aggressor or to kill him.

By the way, in order to practice this way of dodging, I have designed and constructed a self attacking punching robot.
Very interesting. Can you upload a video of this self attacking punching robot in action?, does he/she/it follows Asimov's laws of robotics?