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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

From the perspective of the founder many of the dichotomies presented here would be false. Within the art are the exact lessons that are being attempted to convey.

"When anybody asks if my Aiki budo principles are taken from religion, I say, ``No.'' My true budo principles enlighten religions and lead them to completion.

Even though our Path is completely different from warrior arts of the past, it is not necessary to abandon the old ways totally. Absorb venerable traditions in Aikido by clothing them with fresh garments, and build on the classic styles to create better forms."

Forms in keeping with the sustainability our lives and our diversity. Not one form, one style, one type of person.

So, Salim, if you are even reading what I am writing here, your own dedicated practice will illuminate the correct direction for you. That is exactly why aikido is whole. Because you can do that without abandoning the art. That is the source of evolution. Variation among species. Not one homogenous trait.
There is plenty of room in practice for that.

So do what you gotta do. Train in your own way. Bring in whoever you want to. But don't expect that just because you think it is 'good' it will survive selection in the long run. Nature decides.
Or go start your own art and see how that stands up.

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