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Originally posted by Peter R
No one wears a hakama in our dojo - its not considered safe, it hides posture, and it restricts body movement
I just HAVE to throw my opinion in here because I cannot agree with Peter's at all...

At first: I think hakama should be worn by anyone who wants to but preferrably from the senior student rank on...

Yup - it may be dangerous - all this stumbling and stuff BUT as I have experienced it - to avoid all this you have to have perfect movement in techniques AND in ukemi. Hakama teaches you and you will be better afterwards even in real situations and regular clothing.

Yup - it hides posture - so what? If teacher is teaching he can always lift it a bit or ask the student in question to lift it a bit.

Yup - it restricts body movement but these movements which it restricts are not needed in your Aikido. The backplate for example holds your back straight if tied correctly. All these knots and stuff they help you feel your center and if worn correctly it also works as a sort of bandage. Etc etc...

Just my 1,3 cents worth...

Estonian Aikikai
Riveta Sportsclub

P.S. Quality hakamas are VERY expencive in Estonia...
P.P.S. I would never wear a hakama in a foreign dojo for the first time when I go there.
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