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Originally posted by nmarques
About the hakama being expensive, I dont consider myself a rich person, and I am not rich, but looking at some prices I saw online wich go from 50$US to 170$US, there seems to be a wide range, and doesnt look expensive at all.
Since I don't wear one, I've not exactly shopped around for them, but the ones I've seen have been $80+, which in addition to buying a gi ($50+), weapons (quality bokken and jo $50+), and training costs, for a beginner who isn't sure if s/he is going to stick with it (many have said most leave after the first month), it can really add up. That's why buying the hakama when you are fully committed to aikido is a good idea, in my opinion. I consider them expensive, but it may be because I am a student, with very little income. <shrug>


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