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Re: Resistance training overview: the four basic levels

Hi Giancarlo

Could there also be 3 extra categories (say A, B and C) which could classify what type of power is being used to bring about the ‘resistance'. For example:

Type A -- Relaxed internal power (jin/kokyu/ki or whatever you want to call it).

Type B -- A mixture of internal power and isolated muscle tension.

Type C - Only isolated muscle tension.

For example it could then be said that type 1C resistance (combining your scale with this scale) would mean that a small amount of physical tension is used to provide a connection. It would be Just enough to connect but not enough to disrupt.

Or type 4A would be actively trying to disrupt and counter your partner using internal skills while 4C would be actively trying to disrupt with muscle.

I'm not sure if all the combinations would work but would this help to clarify things in some situations?


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