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Re: If you could buy just ONE book about Aikido techniques, what would it be?

Thank you all so far for your suggestions.

To respond to some of your comments (if that's at all necessary):

$250 for a book!!! That's almost one month's salary for me here!!
Seriously, though, I did notice 'Total Aikido' by Shioda and think that would be a good one, even though it is a different style, and also 'Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere' is mentioned by so many people, it seems like they either love it or hate it, so I think I will have to get it to make up my own mind about it. Ultimately i will be limited by what a given bookshop has or can order, but I'm sure those two will be easy enough to find.

Thank you all again for your suggestions, and I hope others will still post their suggestions if they havent done so yet!
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