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Re: The Point of Aikido

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None of us know where this is leading. I personally feel a shift going on that may turn into something major. Part of these discussions are simply giving some direction to where we would like things to go. I, for one, would not doubt your sincerity for a moment... you are nothing if not straight forward. We are all going to be mucking around with each other for a while now and it will be interesting to see what comes out of it.
I dunno George. I don't see it changing AIkido much at all. If we can get a small group training their skills will go through the roof no doubt but the time of Takeda and Ueshiba is long past.
I argue on two fronts
Aiki arts-MMA
Old world-NEW
With all their skills-which were truly profound and substantial- in their day the level of attack was not as severe as today. I believe even they could be taken apart by a good MMA fighter today, staying outside picking their shots. More on that in a minute.

So in that light Aikido has a two pronged assault to face.
1.The pressures of the public, now measuring effectiveness on a different level.
2. The pressures of being able to deliver Aiki-with some now openly challenging even that. And whats more- with them being able to deliver with on the spot undisputed surperior-level Aiki skills.

For those teachers who can respond to the challenge it's bound to a plus for themselves and the art. But changing the huge machine that is now become Aikido? With so many "groups" out there? I dunno.......I wouldn't expect anything anytime soon.

While I think the internal skills were always in the Asian arts as a basic-I donl tever thingk they were wide spread. The superior skills are trained by just a few. I suspect it's always been that way.

Again "The Fighting Spirit of Japan."
Judo man astonshed at feeling this for the first time.
"Sensei how many men in Japan know this?"
"Very, very, few. These things are not openly taught."

What's changed?
We still have just a few and now even some of those "few" are incorporating an MMA style of training. So you have the finest skills in the world being combined with the finest training in the world. Its a pretty heady combination of pressures on the arts.


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