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Dennis Hooker
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

We have the natural an involuntary actions (movements) of our lives and then we have those that are voluntary. The involuntary, or unconscious movements are pure and uncorrupted as infants but as we grow older we add voluntary actions to our lives and all of these actions are born of conflict. From the act of standing to the many aspects of voluntary movement are a result of conflict. Conflict with gravity, conflict with the earth and conflict within ourselves as the body structure sets up opposing dynamics to cause action and reaction. As we grow older the conflict sometimes works it's way into the involuntary realm. We start to breath high in the chest using conflict of the muscles in the chest. We let the conflict interfere with the heart rate and our nervous system. What was once only useful conflict now becomes un-useful. I can't speak to other arts but in Aikido we strive to remove as much unnecessary conflict as possible and it is sometimes called learning natural movement. If you watch Ti Chi and Aikido people seem to float across the ground at times and at times are rooted to it like trees. These are both natural and in accord with the harmony of nature at the moment. Natural is what it takes to blend and not break.

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