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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Tim Fong wrote:
Re: the sword. I think it's about weight transfer. Weight is the force of gravity acting on mass. It's another force passing through the body. The person who can manipulate the force of another pushing in on them, and bring it to their feet could also manipulate the force of their weight. So that perhaps they might look like they were standing with weight on the front foot , when in fact, they weren't. Think about the advantage that could give a person.
Interesting points, Tim, but I'm not sure how they relate to being unarmed and facing an attacker who is armed with a sword. There's no way to deflect or redirect that without being cut unless you evade it with the body. Chris' statements don't address that. He does say "irimi," but irimi does have to evade the attack. So evasion is central to aikido.

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