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Mike Sigman
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Tim Fong wrote:
Funny you should mention Akebono. Here is video of him with a Chen taiji practioner:

It isn't a free fight, but it does show Akebono attempting to push the Chen guy off his base... and yeah, the Chen guy has to put a leg back.

Without the internal skills though, I think, he would have gone flying.
Hi Tim:

I think that there has to be a distinction between "rooting" and "neutralization". Grounding an incoming force is more considered "rooting".

I had an interesting thought last weekend when I worked-out with a couple of fairly large guys. I'd be willing to be that I could teach them enough in one weekend to defeat anyone who thinks they can "neutralize", etc., someone just because they've had success in doing it with someone who is clueless about jin. I.e., it's easy to do tricks against the uninitiated, but I fear that these tricks against the uninitiated can become somewhat of a goal in themselves. Any honest person who does these kinds of tricks should recognize how tenuous the edge can be and not get too carried away with the fantasy of what they can do to "others". I've seen some pretty embarrassing moments happen to some of these people in the past.


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