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Re: Aiki Doh's

My first day wearing a hakama at the dojo was a day to remember. I had just tested for shodan the week before, and had a brand spanking new hakama. I was sitting next to the head instructor (an honour for new dan grades) and the class had just finished bowing in. The instructor told us to jump to our feet and start running round the mat to warm up. In my zeal, I leaped into the air with the grace of a panther, got the hem of the hakama caught on my right foot, managed to hop for 10 or 15 feet, and then collapsed into a heap. I thought that it was over and that my shame was complete, when a bunch of kyu grades ran straight into me (actually over me - now I now what it feels like to be stampeded!). I was sure my humiliation was over. I slowly got to my feet, looked down, and realised that my hakama was down round my ankles (so much for tying it right) it was a hot day, I had decided not to wear gi pants under my hakama......ah, now my torment was complete!
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