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Aran Bright
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Red face Aiki Doh's

I would love to hear any embarassing moments from on or off the mat.

I heard one story that involved a very studious yudansha spotting on old guy putting his gi on and about to tie his white belt. He quickly ran over to help. The old guy looked at him a little strangely but appreciated his efforts. Once class started it was to his stark suprise that he was in fact helping the shihan tie his belt. Apparently his shihan believed that he was always a beginner and wore a white belt to reflect this.

I guess this is a story that has probably done the rounds before so something a little more personal.

I recently joined with my new aikido school. Very excited by the fact our founder was coming to hold a seminar. I was rushing into the change room to get ready for class when I flung the door open and nearly took out the very man i was going to see. I just hope he has a bed memory

Come on you can do better than that
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