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Re: A Cranky GeriAikidoka Sitting In Her Chair, Complaining

John Hillson wrote: View Post
Injuries are no fun at all. Good luck to you, and heal well. Many Aikido students have been where you are, or might end up there in the future.

I have the highest respect for your low impact classes.
Thank you, John. Sipping tea but also planning on suiting up and bowing in for regular adult class tonight. My shoulder isn't cleared yet for real partner training or rolling but at least I can join in for warm ups and weapons kata, and maybe do a little gentle something else depending on what Sensei has planned for this evening.
I love leading the Low Impact and wish more folks were interested in taking that class. We have former students who quit years ago with various bodily "dings" and they just don't see the value if they cannot train at the full intensity they did 15 years ago.

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