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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

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We often refer to the third point: points of unbalance. Two exist: one in front of you and one at your back. Imagine a line going through your front foot and rear. Now image a line perpendicular to it that goes through your center. This line is where you are weakest (unbalance) and you cannot divert forces downward. Bit technical but hopefully makes sense.
i believed the IS folks would challenge those statements, in that, they can divert forces downward and/or in any direction they want. of course, those IS buggers would also said they can do other stuffs which seemed to defy logic too. in one of the post, mike sigman has a picture of a guy standing on one leg and another dude pushing. the picture has various color lines and so on (i think he liked to play with crayons ). there is a video of Ark where he stood in parallel stand and doing pushing with other folks.
some of our assumptions might not be as valid as we might led to believe.

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