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Re: non-Japanese cannot become shihan anymore?

Dalen Johnson wrote: View Post
If I understand what your saying correctly, from what I recall from Peters response to me along a certain line of questioning, if you have a super-shihan giving you rank, you should be fine.

But then again you are talking about an organization under a super-shihan... though if they all have recognized Dan grades from the AikiKai then I dont think there would be much of an issue with a transition. [though we humans can complicate things]

Dont know, at some point a lot of the politics mentioned here seems to show me why many people dont really care if they are affiliated... but everything has its place I suppose.



speaking of affiliations it really doesnt seem it matters, to the individual, until they test for Shodan.
[seeing that the kyu ranks are tested differently across the globe...]

We have the situation where we have 5 Aikido organizations in Hungary, and from my understanding none of them are recognized by Hombu. Though they are all under Tamura Sensei... So that is kind of awkward, but on a positive note, it should be easy for an individual who transfers to be accepted in an affiliated organization if they have a recognized Dan rank from the likes of Tamura Sensei... [more thinking about myself if I ever move again]
Your example kind of makes my point. If Tamura dies tomorrow, your five organisations lose their only direct contact with the Aikikai and have to scramble to build another one. While if Yamada and Sugano were to simultaneously leave us, the USAF would still be a recognised organisation containing several 7th dan shihans and the right to recommend and test people for Aikikai dan ranks.

I'm truly surious how a country the size of Hungary ended up with five independent groups all connected to the same guy. I guess I shouldn't be too surpreised, there are at least three groups in the province of Quebec that get their dans through Yamada:

1) The dojos affiliated to the USAF (Yamada is the chairman of our federation and is listed as the examinerfor my shodan on my Aikikai yudansha booklet)
2) Massimo's group (I may be wrong about this as Massimo may have some other connection, he is 7th dan after all, but he is not a member of an official recognised Aikikai organisation, so who knows)
3) the Quebec dojos in the Canadian Aikido Federation (The CAF is a recognised Aikikai organisation but it doesn't hold any dan examinations in our area, so they usually test at the May seminar in front of the USAF panel and then make out their own paperwork to receive the certificate from the aikikai through the CAF. I remember one friend who used to be in a CAF dojo telling me how surprised he was to see Kawahara's name in his Yudansha booklet since he had tested in front of Yamada and had had very little exposure to Kawahara at all.

Jonathan Olson
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