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Re: Co-ordination of Mind, and Body

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Fuel for your fire, guys:

'Karate experts are able to generate extremely powerful forces with their punches, but how they do this is not fully understood. Previous studies have found that the force generated in a karate punch is not determined by muscular strength, suggesting that factors related to the control of muscle movement by the brain might be important.'
i would disagree on the point that the process isn't fully understood. lots of folks understand it quite well and even have a systematically way to train for it. the old saying "heart leads mind. mind leads chi/qi/ki. chi/qi/ki leads physical movement." taking out the chi/qi/ki portion, you would have mind leads physical movement. athletes, the good ones, are very fine tuned their mind to their body. i had an internal practitioner did a zero-inch palm strike on me (actually 3 times in a row), and launched me some distance (i weighted 180 lbs or 90 kg). he shown a bunch of us how to train for it in a systematically way. the process required quite a bit of mind body coordination kind of work with various breathing processes. so i would say the process is well understood in some circle.

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