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Re: The Problem with Being a Big Guy

At only 6' and 220 I'm not exactly large-but I have other things going for me that make me feel large. I think all aspects of large (frame and weight or both) are a great opportunity to help people.

1. Having a large frame (say 6' 3" or so) can pose a challenge for those doing rote waza. As the big guy, YOU are in a more experienced position-almost by default. After all, you have felt many people try things on you your whole career. It is more than likely that most others have not had the same percentage of experience with such a size difference or power differential as you. That presents an opportunity to help.
Leveraged based jujutsu is not the same on large levers V small. Aiki waza is not the same on large frame V small. Then you have other things many times outside aikido waza; kicks, punches and certain throws where entries have to be different on larger men.

2. Large in size but not frame presents a whole different set of problems, but with the same opportunities to share and help.

I think it its sad to see some guys "just" exploit their size over and over. Of course you need to be mindful of your own training, but at a certain point its worth spending at least some of the time helping others grow.

Hello Don and Bud (respectively, fine examples of frame vs size and the dilemmas they can present)
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