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Re: Martin Luther King, Jr and O Sensei

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how do you think the conversation between O Sensei and Martin Luther King Jr would go or look like on the views of humanity
I don't normally play the "what if game" because it detracts from reality but at the risk of sounding irreverent toward what is or is held to be sacred about both men, I doubt that they would have anything meaningful to say to each other.

Both men were more concerned about themselves and were not the humanitarians that people make them out to be.

Nathan Masse-Foster wrote: View Post

then ask yourself how did you feel the first time you heard the news ?
I was very upset.

Obama preempted the last fifteen minutes of Celebrity Apprentice to make the announcement then waited one hour to make the announcement ( Obama's petty revenge against Donald Trump ).

I was waiting for the big fight between NeNe and Star Jones.

I was not surprised about Osama Bin Laden,s death, he sealed it on 9/11/2001. It was only a matter of time.


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