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Re: Is It Missing In Everybody's Aikido?

Shaun Ravens wrote: View Post
In any case it is like trying to use yin-yang theory from both a Chinese and Japanese approach. In such a case one would fail because they are 180 degrees out of sync in terms of the direction of ki flow, one being counter clockwise and the other being clockwise.
That's not true, Shaun. It's an impossible statement.
After all, you and I are not really significant in the greater scheme of Aikido, and most certainly not the greater scheme of CMA or JMA. However, since there are obviously different art forms,
As I've said, these things are the same things, Shaun. Chinese, Indian, Japanese... the basic principles are the same. Dressing a doll up in a kimono or in Taoist robes make look like "different things" to someone who is looking at the superficial... but the doll is a doll, regardless of the outward appearances. That's why Ueshiba used Chinese classical descriptions in his writings about Aikido... he saw no real difference. The principles are the same.

When I take a Chinese expert to watch some Japanese m.a.'s he watches for if/how they use ki/qi... it would never dawn on him that anyone would think the basic principles of ki/qi are different because of geography or culture.


Mike Sigman
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