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Re: Considering Aikido

Welcome Seb in this forum and in Aikido.

I'm praticing Aikido since 4 years ago.
I started near the same condition as you, except I started Aikido after my studies.
When I was a student, I hadn't no enough money and time for the martial art practice, even if I was attracted by them.

When I began to work, I decided that I wanted to practice a martial art and my wife would like to practice with me. So I searched an art where there is no competition and where the martial art philosophy is respected. I eliminated the Judo and the Karate because for me, I think that they are, today, more a sport than a martial art and it is difficult to practice with my wife at the same level.

I get information on several martial arts thanks to internet, and in my research, I found that there was a dojo near my town where Aikido was learned. I didn't know very well what Aikido is. We decided to see a course in the dojo. It was fantastic . We were impressed by the fluidity of the movement, the lack of strength. Another point that we push us to the Aikido practice, was that all practitioner type was represented on the mats. Men, Women, strong, thin, young, aged, and so on. After the course when the teacher and several students cames to discuss with us and transmit us their Aikido love. I say: "This is the martial art that I search".

Since, I practice at least twice a week, according to my schedule which is very loaded, I'm trying to go to the Aikido meeting the week-end, and when I can, I'm going to visit and practice in others dojos.
Unfortunaly, my wife was force herself to stop temporary the Aikido. In the "Training" section" of the AikiWeb site, there is an article named "How much ?" where the author recommends to train 3 times a week, more, he said that it is useless because the body is tired and the hurt risks grow. I'm agree with him. I advice you to train at least 2 times or 3 if you can. Sometimes, try to go in the meetings and others dojos for seeing other way to do a technic and meet others trainers. It is very interesting.
But, especially, I think that Aikido is not only in the dojo. Aikido principles can be applied at any time and anywhere in your today's life.

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