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If I'm looking for Aikido it's for those reasons:
- I want to learn some fighting, but I don't really like to fight
- I need some sort of "meditation" to try to control myself a bit more
- I'm interested in japanese culture, customs and philosophy
- I really need to start working out as I'm stiff as a stick.
I think you will really enjoy aikido if this is want to get out of it. From a practical perspective, aikido can be a used for self defence. I had an incident last year when I got surprised while taking the garbage out and some one wanted to punch my lights out. Aikido allowed me to evade and deflect the attack. In the end he ran off and no one was hurt. Aikido teaches how to control a situation in the first few seconds before its really gets out of hand. Aikido gives you options without resorting to fighting but at the same time allowing you to protect yourself from getting hurt.

I hope you will give it a try and see whether you like it. Best of luck.

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