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Re: Considering Aikido

Originally posted by Sennover
- I want to learn some fighting, but I don't really like to fight
- I need some sort of "meditation" to try to control myself a bit more
- I'm interested in japanese culture, customs and philosophy
- I really need to start working out as I'm stiff as a stick.

Aikido will do all these things for you, as well as instilling personal confidence, helping you overcome your fears and giving you the desire to be strong (not strength in terms of muscles, but strength in all aspects....including mental). Well it did these things for me anyways.


I was really wondering about your personnal experience when starting Aikido and how difficult it was for you to get into it, how long you've been practising it and all that stuff. Especialy if it demands a lot of dedication (I'm shure that I can give at least two hours a week in the start, but do I need more?)
It wasn't at all difficult to get into, except feeling like an absolute idiot trying to do all these weird movements that look so easy to everyone else....this only lasts a month or so (in the basic sense, I still feel like an idiot at times! hahaha). I find the aikido crowd are generally a nice bunch, and when you first begin, sempai (senior students) will train to your level and throw you as hard as you are comfortable with falling, it increases as your skill increases. I started at the age of 18, and have now been doing it for almost two years. When I first started it was just one class a week in my tracksuit pants and a t-shirt. It wasn't long however before I was there 3 times a week, and now 4! But one class a week is good to start with, I think. As for the dedication, well you only get out as much as you put in....


Hope you guys didn't get to anoyed by my little personnal dilema and mind answering me.
not at all....I'm sure I asked the same questions when I started too. I think.....

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