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Re: why focus on internal power

All due respect Eric, none of that is any issue the people here seen to have with you. Your writing is illegible and based on a false premise.
I state plainly and cearly that I believe you can not replicate anything that Ark, Rob, Mike or I do in any substative way. Why? You have openly stated you could not do the tests I outlined years ago and the rest of your models make little sense. The things I oultined were very basic stuff.
I believe you are hiding behind complex engineering models. I respectully challenge you to produce anything documented either on video or by the guys who have visited all of us, coming visitng you. You are no know as a person with these skills, by anyone. If you had them you would be known at least in your community. Let some pepople come down to test you.
Perosnally I think you theories are empty. Virtually without meaning or merit and not only do not benefit those in Aikido, they are a flase start leading to a dead end. I short you have no place on this conversation.
You contnual writing here states you know something others do not and can explain it and teach it. So...if you'r sure of your theories, how about trying to help then? But in a hands on substative way.
Step up, or shut up. Once you fail with those guys- And you will. Come up here. I'd be glad to stop you dead in your tracks and then actually show you how to do some things. I think your are a decent fellow, who just happens to be wrong about these things. I think we could have a llot of fun and great interraction with my group. Then you can go home and try to creat convulated models over what you felt, but then, over some good basic things you woud be doing to help yourself and others.
Hope to see ya soon.

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