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Mike Sigman
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Re: why focus on internal power

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
Hi Mike,
You won't see any large scale change until a few of the senior folks in various organizations start to work on these things and the rank and file can see the results. Individuals will get stuff on their own but , sadly it can a threat to the seniors if someone below them starts to have more skills than they do. Initiative is not always rewards by established organizations.

But if a few seniors in each group start changing, then I think you will see the larger picture start to change. Not everyone of course... I think the average person already feels quite overwhelmed by what he or she has been shown, doesn't feel like he can train enough to master that, much less start thinking about things in a whole new way and add various new elements in to his training. But the seniors who have already made the commitment but whom are willing to change some things in order to be better, there you will see some results. And once that happens the juniors will get better training right from the start and things will change.
I dunno, George. My take on it is that people will go around the current "seniors" at the drop of a hat, once it becomes clear what they have and don't have in the case of these skills. There are some pretty smart and savvy upcoming leaders who have already grasped what's going on and are beginning to move hard and fast. If I had to bet my chips, I bet that there will be some factionalization to some extent, but ultimately everyone will start trying to pick up these skills, if nothing else because they're so obvious that it's not really a choice. A lot of the outlying "independent" schools may be in for a bit of trouble, in terms of their longterm existence, but we'll all just have to wait and see. Ultimately, it will be a good thing, IMO.