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Another about to start thread...


I know that these types of threads can get old but there are not any Aikido schools that are close to my area and I had a few questions prior to locating a class that I could make it to on time.

I am looking at starting martial arts to help get in to shape and also to help keep me from being a hermit.

In reading about the beginning of Aikido and the philosophies behind it. With that said I do not just want to learn how to fight or subdue an opponent but to study the techniques and the philosophies as a whole.

With that said I need to know if my body will be able to handle Aikido training. I am about 30 pounds overweight, have had back surgery (to remove bone fragments from the spinal cord), have arthritis in my right hand and also have some tendon damage in my right wrist. I am no stranger to pain and realize that no matter what martial art I choose to study I am going to incur some type of injury however minor or major it may be. I also have interest in various styles of Kung Fu as well as Hapkido.

Any recommendations on a style that I may be able to study in my current condition?

I would really like to study Aikido, does anyone know of any instructors or practioners in the Arlington Texas area that I could speak with? There are many in Dallas but with my work schedule and the amount of drive time it would take me to get to these schools I will not be able to make it to the classes except for the weekend class and I was looking for multiple days per week. I have searched on and several other websites but have not been able to locate a dojo in my general vicinity.

Thank you in advance for any help you may provide,

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