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Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Members of town dojo do not organize gasshuku because there is no concept here in Japan of vacations. In the UK and the US summer schools are organized and provision is sometimes made for aikido participants to take their families, so it becomes a kind of holiday. This is quite alien to the martial arts in Japan.
Hi Peter,
hope you are well, apologies for not being able to come visit during my recent trip over. I hear Nakao sensei will be visiting you some time shortly, just spent two weeks training with him almost every day, hope you'll have as much fun as I did :-). He's promised to send me the video :-).

I'd just like to comment on this from my own experience. When I lived in Tokyo, alonside my Aikikai Hombu membership I belonged to the Nakano Ku Aikido Renmei run by Koyama Kenji. We went on a renmei gasshuku every year where members from all four dojo's would attend. The instructors were the 4 dojo cho's and Koyama kaicho. Additionally, my own dojo did it's own gasshuku once a year where we went off to a small dojo near Fuji san and just trained with Nojima sensei.

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