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Dan Hover
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Re: Brown Belt Syndrome

along certain lines, I have noticed that Brown Belts and even some shodan tend to be rougher at seminars, as if to prove that they are deserving of a rank or somewhat "better" than you. This I think maybe the flip side to the quitting/boredom coin. It seems to me that at Brown belt, the deshi reaches that stage like a teenager who wants to rebel against parents and make a name/identity for him/herself. In this case the student acts against the sensei or the "group" which is the dojo. Which developmentally is okay and somewhat normal. It then leads to either leaving the group with some need for recognition unfilled (IMHO that need is a class to teach, that they really don't deserve) or assimilate back into the fold realizing the responsibility to the dojo, other students, both higher and lower ranked than they, and more importantly the art itself.

Dan Hover

of course that's my opinion, I could be wrong
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