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Re: Brown Belt Syndrome

I am in the brown belt syndrome

I started to miss the classes and for a couple of months, I go training once a week (or less) you all mentioned above, I have good reasons, too; like feeling less improvement (which is in fact not true, truelly I am not honest to myself and I learn everytime something new), biggest reason is always: "I am too tired today", "it is too hot today"...and I catched myself a few times thinking to quit aikido totally...

I don't know how I will overcome this situation. I even realized that I am spending very little time in aikiweb. In the past, I used to read most of the threads in the forum, now just visiting the side for a few seconds, glancing at the topics and closing the window

it was the same today, until I saw this topic. And I felt a bit embarrassed after reading what you all wrote. However, I don't know the solution. When I get up mornings, I make a decision to go to training, and loose my willing after work...
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