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I wasn't aware that the ends of the belt should be tucked in once the knot had been tied? As my belt isn't long enough () to go around me twice, I've trimmed it to a length that means it'll fit around me once, and not have overly long ends.

I've begun to train and study at the Kokyu Aikido Association in Oldham, not far from Manchester. Chief Instructor is Jim Robinson-Sensei (4th Dan), and also his wife, Denise Robinson-Sensei (2nd Dan).

I've only worn my gi for one session, and it soon felt comfortable and more natural. I'd been training in jogging pants and a t-shirt, and being a larger guy, I do sweat a fair bit, so by the end of the evening my light grey trousers.. would be styled in an urban combat fashion, with several shades of grey and all. So actually.. having something to soak up the sweat in a more effective, and less disgusting-to-everyone-around-me kinda way!

Despite it looking more like a smoking jacket on me, and the near constant tie-fixing moments, I like it, and am glad I went for the heavier one
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