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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Bob Strahinjevich wrote: View Post

*Surface* electrodes, Robert.

Anyway, you wanted a 'how' there you go. Ponder the literature, design the protocol, get the should have the data you want in a year or three.

Or you could just...I empirical about it.
Needles, surface electrode, SQUIDS, etc hooked up to fancy electronic monitors needing expert interpretation of the signals is still exotic means in my book.

If the transducer picks up signal from the 'wrong' tissue source then it does not help much - that is why the needle electrodes are stick directly into the muscle fibers under investigation. Of course more advanced methods using SQUIDS and FFT help isolate the complex signals so fast twitch and slow twitch (for example) responses can be isolated. Still pretty exotic means unless ones does IT strapped into such gear. Might not be such a bad idea ...

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