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Re: Are Aikido Organizations Relevant?

It is my view that Aikido is made better not worse by the presence of different organizations. I have the same view about Protestant Christianity where I feel that differnet denominations have the same core focus but express themselves in different ways and are able to cater for different groups of people as a result.

One observation that I have made is that the some of these organizations such as Yoshinkan came about before the death of O'Sensei and with his blessing.

It has been suggested to me that Aikido evolved as O'Sensei taught it and differnet students taught his teachings from differnet parts of his life span. If we take Yoshinkan and the Ki Society we see two different interpretations of Aikido, yet I put it to you that it is a good examples of the Aikido that was at the begining of the teaching of Aikido and the Aikido that O'Sensei taught at his passing.

Sadly I suspect there are some Aikido organizations that exist only because people want to be in leadership and do not have good reasons for being formed. In my mind however this does not negate the many good Aikido organizations that have much to offer the Aikido world.

Perhaps it would be a good thing if more organizations were prepared to do more to work together on a local level. As to my reference above about Christianity, there are various non denominational Christian groups, it could be a good thing if there were some of this type of group for Aikido students also where people could train together from time to time irrespective or the organization and style of Aikido offered.

Anyway a good topic to discuss, thankyou!
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