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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

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How many of the Aikidoka seminar attendees, or those who have gone beyond to regularly train internal skills- now possibly numbering somewhere in the low hundreds- have reconsidered their view of what aiki is and what they used to think it was in their aikido ™ V Aiki…do?

There was at one point in time, no end of contention, disbelief, and even anger discussing internals as aiki. The discussion were sent off to the NON aikido related wonderland. Something which I found as accurate as saying gravity is unrelated to the discusions of Physics.

I recently read this reply by Kevin Leavitt and it seems to address some of my recent thoughts regarding Aikido™ and Aiki…do.

I found Kevins comments (an Aikidoka) echoing some of my own expressed here:

I most certainly do not and have not ever considered Aikido™ as expressing aiki in any meaningful way, with much or most of what I have seen being either completely wrong in its approach, or just marginally in the right direction.
It reminds me of wondering how you set off from N.Y. trying to get to England and ended up in west Africa.
Time and distance.
All you need do, is give someone a compass just a few degrees off and have them set sail.

If Kevin, Mark, Rob, and others can now more or less say the same things I and others have been saying for years-where do others in Aikido ™ now stand on the issue?
Is the community which has been traveling in large numbers in the wrong direction still behind relegating these discussions to Non-Aikido Martial Traditions Discussions of all non-aikido-specific martial traditions
Or is it finally realizing- by the witness of an ever increasing number of ranked Aikido™ teachers- that this is and was in fact Aiki…do all along and just that many people in Aikido™ missed it.
I have discuss it, and I haven't changed too much. I think Aikido is a complete art in the sense it grows as you grow. It develops as you develop. It is something you don't grow out of . Of course there is rethinking, as you grow you don't see things in the same way. If you go outside of Aikido looking for the Holy "Aiki" Grail and happen to come across someone so says they have the Grail, keep in mind, the Grail isn't out side of Aikido, it is inside Aikido. Aikido is a complete art, it grows with you, it is something as vast a the universe that you can explore for a lifetime. Here I am thinking of how similar that is to Star Treks where exploring yourself is a final frontier, the internal sprirtual- universe. Our map is written not is absract archic phrases, but in the languge of science that can be understood clearer in our modern times.

Thanks for asking that question.

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