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Kevin Wilbanks
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Re: Backward Roll - Risks and benefits

Natasha Cebek wrote:
The only time there is true danger is when one does not pay attention in the moment. Whether in the midst of a backroll,airfall...isn't being aware of our environment (regardless of what we are doing) the most important aspect of the martial arts? One could have the most perfect technique, but without awareness-it only takes one moment, when we are not paying get hurt.
Ukemi is a tool! A drill!
of great value!!!
If one gets hurt doing a backroll, whose fault is that?
So, to summarize, your argument is that there is no inherent difference in the dangerousness of any technique or practice - anything and everything is safe, so long as the participants are aware and paying attention. So, I presume you have no problem with people practicing live sword takeaways? Gun takeaways with loaded firearms where uke really shoots at nage?
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