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Re: Backward Roll - Risks and benefits

Andrew Mendes wrote:
Here is some documented info for you btw on death and seriouse injury in Aikido.

This will verify any claims.
That's interesting, but it obviously only covers Japan and the last entry was 20 years ago.

I increasingly think that the kind of info I'm looking for will be very hard to find. People directly involved in such incidents probably aren't going to brag, and those who run the dojos and organizations involved aren't going to be eager to advertise serious injuries or deaths on their watch. I also suspect that many people who witness such things or are close to the casualties end up quitting in the wake of such horrible events.

It's too bad, it would be useful data. For instance, shihonage is disprortionately represented on that list. One probably doesn't normally think of it as one of the most hazardous techniques, but it reminded me that the worst injury I ever got in Aikido was to my mid-lower back, when someone cranked down on shihonage while my feet were sort of planted.
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