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Re: The MOST important technique?

[quote=Michael Fooks]
.... I think the majority of practitioners get stuck in a training method appropriate for white belts. There is often less of an expectation of failure than I've witnessed in some other arts. BJJers expect to get tapped at all levels, judoka expect to get thrown, kareteka expect to get hit, but many or most Aikido dan grades do not expect to get hit or fail in their technique. That is a cultural feature of aikido which results in attackers not pushing the attack for fear their nage *will* fail and that that's not acceptable.
I find the times when I fail in a technique, especially when attacked by a beginner that "doesn't know what is supposed to hapopen" the MOST instructive to me. These instances help me to really see wher I am getting sloppy with MY technique, or not controlling ukes center or.....

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