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Re: Personal Views on Ukemi

Actually, there is a very interesting scene from Ellis Amdur's DVD "Ukemi from the ground up", where he makes a good point that uke sometimes rolls because he has been taught to make nage look good.. He demonstrated a a kokyunage where the uke did a beautiful roll, and then he whispered something to the uke... and then when he tried to do the kokyunage again, uke just swung around to face him... I still remember Ellis saying "NOW THAT IS UKEMI"... This sort of ties into Igantius' article... I know it looks nice when a very sensitive uke flips at the flick of a wrist, but is that ukemi?

I've also encountered sensei who encourage uke to keep up with a fast nage... for example, when you do a katatetori and nage pulls away very fast... then you should move faster to maintain contact with his wrist... or when you are down in shomenuchi iriminage and nage turns faster than you (as uke) are moving... then you should speed up... On the one hand, I can see the issue, you as uke want to get into a superior position, so it makes sense to move as fast or even faster than nage... otherwise, if you don't grab hold of his wrist, he could whip out his katana, etc... or if you don't keep up with nage, he will always have your back to him... On the other hand, if nage moves too fast for uke, the connection is broken, and uke can just break away... and renew the attack..
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