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Re: Shiro Omiya Shihan on "Aiki"

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
Two sides of the same coin. Aiki is, ultimately, about unification. Time for Aikido folks to end this war and realize that development of both aspects of Aiki are needed for the practitioner to become adept at the art of Aikido.

Place the immovable body in the midst of a crowd of attackers and the result will be an immovable stain on the ground. Likewise, technique executed by simply mimicking the movements of the instructor without the application of power that comes from a unified mind and body will result in an honest uke moving through nage like fire through a field of dry wheat.

Both sides in this debate bring added value to the table. Time has come to abandon the dogma that characterizes entrenched positions and approach Aiki in a holistic manner that recognizes its multifaceted nature.

While I agree with your overall intentions and points I wanted to clarify one thing.
You quoted my tag line of Shirata: PLace the immovable body in an invincible said
Place the immovable body in the midst of a crowd of attackers and the result will be an immovable stain on the ground.
This is not what the immovable body means. It has nothing to do with standing still. Nothing at all. In fact the training that creates the immovable body, is something Ueshiba was deeply immersed in. Push testing constantly. I continue to meet old budo people who verify this as well. But it is the qualities created in that practice that produce a body capable of non-telegraphed, balance movement from center, that is very fast, some say unnaturally so and difficult to track.
Ueshiba knew this and it is why he pursued it. Does anyone care to speculate why he did this so often? Anyone care to at least speculate on the positive side?
Anyone up for the idea that the guy knew what he was doing and talking about?

So Ron. In keeping with your positive spin...and I like your idea..why.....why...can't we meet as brothers instead of fighting over a common goal for Pete's sake

Someone mentioned Heaven/earth/man, how about six direction theory?
Anyone want to speculate ...on the positive side.....why Ueshiba assigned them to aiki and power and 600 years earlier an adept came out of Katori shrine and said the same thing?
Anyone want to ask why the exact same terminology was used in China for the same thing....controlling power?
These things are real teachings. They are body skills that are known. They were NOT UESHIBA'S. He did not create them. He was quoting.
Anyone want to speculate...on the positive side.....that maybe....just maybe...there are things in budo that you don't know yet?
Anyone want to speculate...on the positive side....that you might actually enjoy learning something that you actually don't know yet but Ueshiba did, and that it makes your art more effective and fun?
I was so happy...gleeful even...when I was faced with something I simply did not know and all but refused to believe was even possible. So...I was wrong. So what? I was overjoyed that there were in fact secrets that were not widely known and proved to be very effective.
All of us can choose not to fight about these things. We can meet and share information and training. It's already happening

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