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Re: Using martial arts as depression therapy?

I'm glad Marc chimed in; he basically wrote what I was thinking, without the education and experience to back it up. I think an analogy would be food vs. antibiotics for a person with an infection. The food does not fight the infection; instead, it helps to support the body's functioning...and with some infections, that's good enough, because with proper support, they can defeat an infection on their own. But food is not a treatment for infection, and some infections can't be cured just by supporting the body.

Likewise, aikido could, in some cases, help your life in ways that would in turn help you to overcome (or live with) some kinds of depression. It could also be completely inadequate or even counterproductive. I wouldn't make the "Hey, it can't hurt and it will probably help" assumption, either -- good things don't always come out of martial arts training.
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