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Re: The Empty Body

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Koichi Tohei got a lot of his training methods from the Tempukai, and invented the rest as a result of being challenged in Hawaii, as Yoshimitsu Yamada recounts here. He didn't "get them" from ShinShin Toitsu, though - they were ShinShin Toitsu!

The consensus seems to be that he took rather little of his training methods from O-Sensei.

I'm not sure how much of that I buy. I think he got a better, clearer understanding of what Ueshiba was trying to teach from the Tempukai, but I don't know that I agree that he got his methods from there. There are videos and pictures of Ueshiba doing things that became part of Tohei's taiso. We also have examples of some of Sagawa's exercises that are the same as some of Tohei's. Then there are the solo exercises of some of the other early students. Once you have some exposure you see a common theme in a lot of these exercises and the instructions/visualizations that go along with them.
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