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Re: Ki Eureka

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How does it work? Show me. Epiphanies are not results. Don't do it. Learn to think. Gather data. Work on it yourself because it really is a "Tao" (Do). If you can't figure a lot of it out yourself, no one can show you enough. On the other hand, if you aren't selective about information and don't get enough information, you can only figure out bits and pieces. It's a journey, not a group of seminars.


Mike Sigman
I'll second that. Any Western rescript of the idea of Ki, be it physical, geometric, poetic or otherwise must account not only for its recognition in modern martial arts usage but in the tradition from which it springs, and in areas far outside the martial context. Tradition holds that Ki is active in the sea, the wind, the earth, and all manner of things, and including empty space.

A conception which can meaningfully capture more of those aspects of the traditional recognition of the Ki concept is more likely to be applicable and usefully understood, and more likely a basis from which to extend those observations into areas the tradition does not address or never conceived of in those terms. The latter is the true task of our age, IMO.


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