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Russell Davis
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Hi read the article and thought it was great, I can relate to much of what you say, as a kid 4/5 I was subjected to an attack of sorts by a gang of older boys, since then everyone and their dog used to beat the crap out of me. My mother always told me not to fight. but as you said in the article, the victim can become the bully after time, and yet I often found myself amongst the first to rush to the aid of someone else. E.g. I ran to help Monica Seles to save her from the knife man. I joined the Forces and got a bit of a reputation, but even though I was more confident in my ability to defeat another person, I was still very nieve about people in general who would continue to take advantage of this right thro till today and Im now 52/3?
Even my ex wife used to humiliate me, yet I would defend her to the death if need be? my crew from Spec Ops were pretty much the same, wwweliteukforces old fort seige, Im the guy with the GPMG.
On one job a little baby boy got killed, I picked him up and was inconsolable, the medics had to con me out of handing over the wee boy.
Yet on another job, I could take many lives as easy as breathing?

We all make judgements about people without even knowing them, we just go by how they look, or by what others might say about them, even if its a pack of lies. and just like the proverbial sheep we dont want to rock the boat, or stand out from the crowd by asking questions, or by going against the flow

I will continue to read your article again and again, it has been of some help to me.
Thank You for taking the time to write it.
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