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Directions to Aikikai Hombu Dojo please!

Hi everyone,

belated Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

I haven't posted in a while because I've been flooded with work hehe.

Anyway, I spent the last hour looking at google maps and wikimapia trying to look for the Aikikai Humbo dojo.

However the map on the Aikikai website isn't detailed enough. However I did find two Humbo dojos in wikimapia - both of which are in Shinjuku within the immediate area of the Wakamatsu-kawada Station and the Higashi-Shinjuku Station.

In Wikimapia One is labeled "Aikido Humbo Dojo" while the other is labeled "Aikikai Humbo". My initial feelings tell me its the Aikikai Humbo because its geographically closer to the Wakamatsu-kawada Station.

But yeah - I just need to make sure because the distance between both dojos and train stations is quite far.

So can anyone give me directions? (If say I start from Wakamatsu-kawada Station)

Many thanks!

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