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Thank you for more posts.
To Dan
All of the ashi waza we do in our dojo is from mostly shomen uchi or different tsuki's, and you have to grab uke to do most techniques in aikido. We also use very little strength in all of the ashi waza, you can use strength and uke falls a lot harder and faster.
When I have finished my ashi waza I must admit that both my feet are firmly planted on the ground.

We may train in using these techniques against each other, but when protecting our selves on the street it does not matter if in competition it hard to beat someone with a sweep because the person on the street should not be another budoka (well you think not where smarter than that, but it is quite easy to tell if someone knows what their doing) so an effective technique is still useful. It seems to me that most beleive ashi waza to be effective techniques.

PS Here is an example of what we might do
Kosotogari (minor outer reaping)
Stand in hadari hanmari (left stance). Uke attacks migi (right) shomen uchi, you receive the attack moving irimi to the outside and catch the strike with both hands (left at the elbow and right at the hand) bring it down and around to your waist. You should look like the beginning of tori fune (rowing exercise) but in shizentai (natural stance). Now ukes arm is directed down to his back right corner (like a sumi otoshi) with your left tegatana 'cutting' into his elbow joint. Now uke is unbalanced your weight comes onto your right foot and the sole of your left foot sweeps ukes right ankle forward and outward in a circular motion.

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Graham Wild
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