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Dan Hover wrote:
Also most Judo techniques require a judicious use of physical strength and for Nage to physically grab Uke.

A real footsweep needs no strentgh apart from that required to move your own foot. And you don't need to grab, you only need motion from the other person. is weird, there is only one ashi-waza really, and it pretty much looks like a kick in the drawing. To be beaten in judo by a sweep, is considered the worst, most careless way to lose. I think in aiki it is considered bad form not to have both feet firmly on the ground on completion of a 'technique', due to the multi-attacker attitude. However, I have seen many kidoka who have a weakness for being swept. But then again I, and every judoka I know, have also been swept. This is not meant to be critical of any art or person. Ashi-waza are a good friend to have

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