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Dan Hover
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depends on the shihan in so far as Deashi Barai and ashi waza like that. But in most ukemi you take a step back with the inside leg, to prevent those kinds of clips, or reaps. Although I teach sutemi waza in class, it is not really part of aikido curriculum. Although a lot of ashi waza that was in jujutsu curriculum like kicking were looked down upon by the sword based arts, Aikido being "one" of them. As these were viewed as the techniques of the "commoners". Although Personnally I feel as these waza should be stressed to at least advanced students as a good example of henka waza. Also most Judo techniques require a judicious use of physical strength and for Nage to physically grab Uke. Which in turn somewhat changes the roles of uke/nage as traditionally viewed in Aikido. Just some Food for thought.

Dan Hover

of course that's my opinion, I could be wrong
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