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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

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Kicks, throws/takedowns and groundfighting included or punching only?
Well, I have to manage with what I can find here, and here there is no MMA. So...
Punching only - but there is also a reason for that.

Throws and takedowns may occur occasionally though.

The reason I find punching enough is such that only a guy who has a boxing background may understand it.
Whoever has been there will never forget that.

This is why I suggest that if you want to understand it, and why I say so, one ought to fight with a boxer who has at least 30 official fights under his "belt" - that is the "competent boxer" somebody spoke of in this thread, if I remember right.

No thai boxe guys (your atemi may work on many of them: most are just young men who occasionally spar a couple of minutes) - no karate guys: in my times I sparred for "fun" (fun means we squarely hit each other in the face all the same, but without pursuing cerebral incapacitation) with karate black belts and I never found one who could resist pure boxing.

I think eventually it all boils down to this and only this: you should find an opponent used to receive punches right on his face on nearly a daily basis and used to trade them - for at least one year, say.

Karate guys do not do that in their training routine: they hit fictionally.
You need somebody who is not intimidated in the least by any type of actual punishment - an adversary that will keep pursuing you no matter what.

Apparently, boxing to date provides that type of training as a regular routine more intensively than any other approach.

You won't need Mike Tyson - try to aikido these, within that speed that at times the video shows:

Aikido will shift instantly from the perfect ideograms we see in gyms to plain ugly - well, at least mine, ok!
It's not you cannot place a technique: it's that it becomes INCREDIBLY difficult to do so, and when you do you scramble.

ps oh, and you do not atemi them - positively!

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