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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Dear all.
My tuppence worth here.Generally speaking in an Aikido lesson Uke knows what Tori is going to do beforehand.Now sometimes you get the occasional King Kong ]immovable object type of guy or the guy who deliberately blocks your waza.The first group usually ar just naturally stiff etc.The second group imo is the awkward squad.My own tactic is to appeal to the guys good nature , inviting him/her to soften up a bit..If this appeal does work, I have to either walk away from King Kong, soften him up [Atemi] or depending on circumstances alter the waza.
Of course the same situation can occur when Tori is being difficult eg not taking care of Uke.Many years ago I had reason to 'persuade 'a guy who was doing Shiho Nage in a elbow injurying manner.I gave this guy an opportunity to make my life more tolerable by not wrenching my arm off.He did not respond to my pleas.I took him to one side and quite against Aikido principles[I was younger then ] I stated quote 'If you do Shiho Nage once more on me like you have been doing despite my pleas , the next time you do it , I will [pardon the Greek ] EF---G - do you'.
Your body is on loan to Tori.This does not give Tori the right to
abuse you.Its a partnership Uke /Tori , both sides of the same coin.Both should learn from any encounter.
Cheers, Joe
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